Holden Historical Services

Holden Historical Services (HHS) is about the history of the Holden car. From the start of volume production in 1948 through to the final units built in March 1980, the traditional full-size ‘Holden’ and its derivatives – wagon and Monaro coupe – are the primary focus. Commercial variants including coupe utility, panel van and cab-chassis models by association are also included. The Holden small-car lines Torana and Gemini are off at the side at this point in time, as is the ‘V’ car line – Commodore. The main focus at present is on the traditional Holden car models.

HHS provides an accurate history of the traditional Holden products as manufactured by General Motors-Holden’s (GM-H) at the various locations throughout mainland Australia over the course of this remarkable period of time.

The HHS Mission Statement is to provide factual information via this website as well as historically accurate responses to enquiries from interested parties concerning a ‘Holden’ car from the time period covered – specifically from the Model Series’ 48 through to and including HZ.

HHS draws upon the vast archives held, as well as from benchmark publications produced by authoritative sources deemed historically accurate. The objective is to provide interested parties with a complete picture of the background of a specific Holden enquiry.

HHS provides information and knowledge accumulated from a variety of sources, all of which are directly associated with the carmaker. This is not limited to official documentation published by and on behalf of General Motors-Holden’s.

2013 marks 65 years since the first Holden car was released. In other words, the Holden has reached retirement age in the GM corporation. To celebrate this momentous occasion, HHS presents this website as a mark of respect to an enduring icon and also one of the most significant events in the history of Australia.

Ben Stewart
1 October 2013