The People

Holden Historical Services are Holden people who are very passionate about the first all-Australian car. Being owners and drivers of Holden products for more than 35 continuous years says that we are passionate about the services we provide as well. HHS knows the product on many levels. We share your passion for Holdens.

Our contributions to the history of the Holden are ongoing, but the start point can be identified as 1978 when details from ID plates first became of interest. Just why some otherwise identical cars were so different on their ID plates would prove to be a mystery that took time to solve – even to this day some aspects remain unanswered.

Worthy personal contributions to the Holden car history include -

  • establishing the Holden Monaro Register (1992)
  • establishing the Holden Muscle Car Register (1995)
  • publishing The Monaro Facts/The Monaro Story (1997 with Warren Turnbull)
  • articles for Restored Cars magazine #121-126 (1997-8)
  • long time contributor to Australian Muscle Car magazine (2002 to present)
  • producing AMC ID Handbook (2008)
  • finally getting ‘a round tuit’ and creating HHS on-line (2013)

HHS continues to be involved with contributions to Don Loffler’s widely acclaimed books on early Holdens starting with ‘She’s A Beauty’ in 1998. Input into Norm Darwin’s benchmark ‘Torana Tough’ (2012) and the latest Platinum Edition of ‘Monaro Magic’ (2013) are two more recent contributions to lavish publications on Holdens.

Relevant personal Holden milestones are as varied as they are significant.
How many people can say that a Holden car featured in so many different activities including -

  • first driven home from hospital - FJ
  • first car washed - FJ
  • first motor vehicle ‘incident’ - FB
  • first day at school - EJ
  • first serious car interest - HT
  • first car driven - HQ
  • first car purchased - HT
  • first 100 MPH+ ‘adventure’ - HT
  • first ‘accident’ - HT
  • first fine - HT

The HHS site is the culmination of many years of interest in the Holden, as well as the obligatory “one day I’m going to do a website…”. As with many things in life there are priorities, but we feel the wait has been worth it for Holden Historical Services.

Two former GM-H staff members we have the highest regard and admiration for, and who must take credit for the impetus behind HHS, are Eve Lauter and Leo Pruneau.

Ben and Deb